Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Wire Transfer for IPDP and Iraq The Model

A wire transfer of $9000 was sent on Nov 16, 2004. The break down was as follows:

Iraq The Model$1,000.00

Update 2004-12-02
There seems to be a problem with this transfer as well but we have the international swift routing code and the people on the receiving end should be able to get it sorted out. I'll keep people posted on progress. Just once I'd like to have one of these go through with out a major hassle.

Update 2004-12-20
It seems the problem is on this side of the Atlantic after all. Got the following from my bank:

Update 2005-02-02
My bank has informed me that after 2.5 months the funds have finally been released.
Wed Feb 02 14:46:30 2005 Attention Brokerage Customer
As you may already be aware, the hold was released on the wired funds under reference number XXXXXXXXX102 at the Bank of New York. Thank you.
Boy I am glad Omar and Mohammed got to meet with President Bush last year, just think how long this would have taken if they had only met with someone like Vice President Cheney.

Mr. Villars:

The wire transaction has been held up at the Bank of New York. Apparently someone close to the name of XXXX XXXX XXXX has appeared on the OFAC list. They need some additional information to say for certain whether his is the person in question is not eligible or eligible for a transfer.

The information we need is
Date of Birth
Home address

if you get this info to me, I will forward it to the Bank of New York

Douglas Vincent Boyle
Professional, Relationship Manager
E*TRADE Securities LLC

Unfortunately this has happened before with Omar and considering that Omar was allowed to meet with the President Bush, it is clear the banks are at best being overly cautious in this matter. I'll update everyone as soon as I hear more.


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