Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Wire Transfer

Updated: Ali has confirmed the money has arrived in the U.A.E. The money should be making its way to Baghdad in the next few days.

Its been a while since I have posted but time spent on the IPDP and some work related stuff pretty much burnt me to a crisp. But I've got some free time again and should be getting back into actively supporting the Iraqi Bloggers and the IPDP.

An issue has come up with the wire transfer involving amounts over $10,000. Seems special paper work is required for amounts this large, so I've decided to send $8000 USD this time and the remaining $6000 USD in a week or so.

Iraq At A Glance$650.00
Iraq The Model$3,000.00
Road Of A Nation$200.00
Sun Of Iraq$40.00
Nabil's Blog$650.00

The wire transfer should go out tomorrow (Sept 24, 04).