Thursday, July 29, 2004

Sun of Iraq (Alaa) is no longer posting

It seems Alaa has left Iraq for a scholarship opportunity in Scotland, but no one has been able to confirm this information. Regardless, he has not posted in some time and we have decide to discontinue collecting donations for his site.

We are trying to contact him to let him know we would all like to have one last post so we know what his new plans are.

Good luck, Alaa, we will miss you.

Need English to Arabic Translations

We need about 20 pages of English translated into Arabic for a project to help promote the bloggers. We would be looking for people that can take an English MS Word document and type an Arabic translation into another MS Word document. We have people who can proof read the Arabic but we have to much work for one person to complete. If you have this skill and your computer is set up to type in Arabic, please email me directly at Tom Villars

Need volunteers to proof read 20 to 30 pages of English

I need one or two people with excellent English grammar skills to proof read 20 to 30 pages for a project that will help promote the bloggers. Please leave your email address in the comment section.

Update* We now have enough proof readers.   We'll have more things for people to help with on August 11th, so check back then if you would still like to help.

Thursday, July 22, 2004

Donations updated

Was having some problems with downloading paypal account information, but all seems to be back to normal.

Alaa at Sun of Iraq has not posted in sometime.  I have an email into Sarmad to find out what has happened.

Saturday, July 17, 2004

Need someone with graphics skills

I need some help with developing posters to help promote awareness of the Iraqi bloggers.  Anyone with graphics talent who would like to help create some material is encouraged to email me or leave something in the comments.

Update*  Thanks to everyone who has offered to help but we have someone who will be leading this effort.  In time they may need additional help and we'll come back to this list.

Also in the near future we are going to need a LARGE number of people for small task so don't worry that we will not find something for everyone to help with.

Permission Re-Granted

Previously Nabil gave permission for us to start collecting donations for his blog, but it seems he didn't have his parents permission. Nabil just emailed me and now it appears his parents will allow it.

Received phone call from AYS

Got a phone call from AYS and while the connection was not very good, I did confirm that everyone has received their money.  Thanks to everyone who has made this possible.