Saturday, March 13, 2004

I'll be gone from March 23 - April 2nd

My sister is getting married and because she is an extreme skier she has decide that Lech, Austria is the logical place to have the ceremony. I'll be out of pocket from March 23rd to April 2nd.

Good news and bad news on the second money transfer

The good news is the Credit Bank of Iraq has the money. The bad news is the account# they have doesn't seem to be valid. Hopefully this is just a clerical error. I have an email into Omar asking for verification of the account#.

I'll keep everyone posted.

Thursday, March 04, 2004

Second wire transfer is on its way to Omar and ays

The second wire transfer has been processed and left my bank on March 3rd, 2004. We are using a different intermediate bank so hopefully things will go faster this time. I'm disbursing $300 to ays and $1070 to Omar, but only sending a single wire transfer so as to reduce the associated fees. For details you can check out the Money Trail link on the upper right hand side of the site.