Thursday, January 29, 2004

Update on money transfer to Ays

Received a confirmation # (FTJ-0401214XXXXXX ) that the money wired to Ays is now at the Jordan Kuwait Bank.

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Permission Granted by Sarmad for Road Of A Nation

Received the following email from Michael today who is helping Sarmad with his blog Road Of A Nation.


I have updated Sarmad's blog and added your Paypal form button. Here is his confirmation:
Dear I am so sorry that I confuse you about the blog design its jest perfect and you have high test and yes I am so happy with the new design you made it for me also I am grateful for you trying to help my and yes I need taking donations to help me to afford my blog costs under Tom Villars Paypal I jest wont you to add friends blog when I read my e-mils there's so many people like to add them to list but the are not Iraqis so I feceart that I let them in under friends title so I hope to see the new design working soon and I am go to send you more pictures .


With this confirmation we are ready to begin accepting donations for Sarmad's blog Road Of A Nation.

Update on money transfer to Ays

My e*Trade customer service representative has informed me the money has not left my account after all. There is a problem with how the wire transaction was handled and he is working to resolve the issue. He said he has a verbal confirmation that the money will go out tomorrow. Obviously I will follow up with a phone call to confirm.

Assuming e*Trade gets their shit together, the money will go to the Bank of New York and then on to Jordan. Since the Jordanian bank will be closed Thursday and Friday and the New York bank is closed Saturday and Sunday, worse case is the money will not get to Jordan until Monday (Jan-26). Ays says it can take as long as a week for the money to get from Jordan to Baghdad so it looks like Feb-2 is the new estimated disbursement date.

If anyone else has questions or concerns, please leave them in the comment section and I'll try to answer them as promptly as possible.

Update on money transfer to Ays

Ays says he hasn't received the money yet and is asking for confirmation information to help track down the money. I asked my bank (e*Trade) on Tuesday but haven't got the information yet.

For right now I am asking everyone to hang tight and let the process work itself out. But if things continue like this for more than a few more days, I'll have to start getting tough with my bank. If it gets to that point I promise to let everyone know how they can "help" with finding out the status of the transfer.

Monday, January 19, 2004

Donor's List For Iraq The Model Is Up

The first batch of donor's have been listed on Iraq The Model. Congratulations to Kerry D. for being the first to complete a donation and Travis M. for the first $100 donation. Honorable mention to Miss Neuman who missed being first by only 19 minutes.

Sunday, January 18, 2004

Permission Granted by Omar at Iraq The Model

Received the following email from Omar today.
Dear Tom;
here are the information;
the user name is: xxxxxx
the password is : xxxxxx
i decided to use the same method that you have suggested to AYS, ie. via the jordanian bank in the form of a (hawala), so i think you need to know my full name, so her it is in english and in arabic;
please, if this subject is going to bring any trouble to you, then let me know and you can forget all about it.
thank you in advance
yours Omar.
With this confirmation we are ready to begin accepting donations for Omar's blog.

ps. Omar, this is is no trouble at all. I am happy to help.

Update on Ays's money transfer

Ays checked with his bank but the money is not yet available. I need to check with my bank, but the Jordanian bank should have got the money no latter than Jan 12. Unfortunately this sort of delay is common when dealing with international wire transfers. I'll be following up on Monday to get all the transfer receipts in case Ays needs them to help chase down the money.

Thursday, January 08, 2004

Ready for the first disbursement of funds to Ays

A bank in Baghdad has been found that can accept money being wired to a bank in Jordan. Here are the details:

H.O P.O Box 9776 ABDALI 11191 / AMMAN - JORDAN
Tel + 962 6 562 9400 Ext 1100 - Mr.Milad Faraj
Fax + 962 6 569 5604

I am planning on making the first wire transfer today. I'll post more details on the progress of the money transfer as they happen.

Update* A Mr. Wong from the US Treasury department spoke to me today about the wire transfer. He asked a couple questions about what the money was to be used for and besides telling him it was to help Iraqi bloggers, I asked him to read Ays's website. Right now he has the wire on hold, but said things should be cleared up by tomorrow (Tuesday Jan-06). Was a little surprised a $750 transfer tripped a threshold somewhere in the bowls of the US government that caused them to actively investigate what was going on. Have to give them a point for actually being on the ball and hopefully they don't earn a bunch of demerits for delaying the money transfer more than necessary. I'll keep everyone updated as developments happen.

Update** Oops, seems Mr. Wong is not with the US government, but is actually with the compliance department at E*Trade Bank. Mr. Wong has a request into the US Treasury department for approval to send the money. My customer service rep is working the issue and I'll keep people posted on developments.

Update*** Just got a call from my customer service rep at E*Trade and the wire has been approved. Not sure how long it will be before Ays gets access to the money and there are still many things that can delay the transfer, but we are moving again in the right direction. Hopefully I'll have more positive news to report in the coming days.