Sunday, February 22, 2004

What ays plans to do with the money

Got the following email from ays concerning what to do with the rest of the money that has been donated.
Dear Tom,

I want to spend some of the 334$ to help the poor families here in Baghdad, I want to buy some toys and food for them, I bought a camera, and I want to take some photos for them and see them happy, I wonder if you can send the money for me ( if it does not bother you as you got tired last time from the delay) but the Kuwaiti Bank that Omar send its address for you is very good, if you want me to send the address again, just tell me that. Of course you should use my name instead.

For now, I found this is a great idea to help the people and make them happy even for moments..right? I intend this new type of work in the blog. Then, I will invest the donations ( if there are more donations) in advertisements or other things.

thank you very much Tom, I appreciate your efforts very very much.

take care,


I sent email back about the advertising as these would be Blog Ads and that would make money, not spend it.

I will wait until I hear back from Omar and hopefully we can send the money as a single wire to minimize the transfer fees.


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