Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Request for help with RSS Feeds

Receive the following from Justin Alexander asking for helping with setting an RSS feed for all the Iraqi bloggers. If you have the skills and want to help you can email Justin for how to get started.

From: "Justin Alexander (Jubilee Iraq)"
Subject: RSS feed for Iraqi websites
Date: Tue, 10 Feb 2004 16:01:53 -0000

Hi guys,

There’s quite a community of people trying to support Iraqi bloggers now! For a while last year I was trying to organise something like or (I think I told Émigré about this) but my tech skills were insufficient and the people who offered to help lost interest. However I’ve now discovered how easy it’s becoming to organise RSS feeds (I use one on the front page of www.jubileeiraq.org to feed in the headlines from www.jubileeiraq.org/blog/news.htm) using sites like www.blogstreet.com. I figure it would be easy to set up an RSS feed from all the Iraqi blogs, which they (and other bloggers) could paste in their sidebars displaying the titles of the latest posts from each blogger, and helping develop the community and introduce readers to people beyond Salam, River and Zeyad. I’ve mentioned this to Majid Jarrar (of afamilyinbaghdad) and he seems keen. Do either of you have RSS experience, or know someone who does, and would like to search the net a bit for the best way of doing this. I’m busy organising a Jubilee Iraq conference in Berlin, writing a report and planning to emigrate to Iraq in April… on top of a day job… so annoyingly I haven’t got the time needed to devote to this and consult with the Iraqi bloggers about what they’d like (and get them publishing .xml versions of their blogs).

What do you reckon?

Justin Alexander


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