Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Permission Granted by Sarmad for Road Of A Nation

Received the following email from Michael today who is helping Sarmad with his blog Road Of A Nation.


I have updated Sarmad's blog and added your Paypal form button. Here is his confirmation:
Dear I am so sorry that I confuse you about the blog design its jest perfect and you have high test and yes I am so happy with the new design you made it for me also I am grateful for you trying to help my and yes I need taking donations to help me to afford my blog costs under Tom Villars Paypal I jest wont you to add friends blog when I read my e-mils there's so many people like to add them to list but the are not Iraqis so I feceart that I let them in under friends title so I hope to see the new design working soon and I am go to send you more pictures .


With this confirmation we are ready to begin accepting donations for Sarmad's blog Road Of A Nation.


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