Monday, December 29, 2003

Update on money transfer to Ays

In the following two emails Ays has requested I send the money to a friend's father's bank account in the "Emirates" which I assume is the U.A.E.
Dec 24, 2003
Dear Tom,
I have a friend here in Baghdad, his father is in Emirates, he has a bank account there, so if you can send the money to him then I can take the money from his son here in Baghdad.

Dec 29, 2003
Dear Tom,

I have all the informations about his name, phone number, account number and the name of the bank, but I am just waiting for the 'SWIFT code', so I will send all of the informations as I get them soon. and do not worry, as the money reaches my friend's father, I will be able to get them easily.

Once Ays has the SWIFT code I'll post on Ays' blog that we will be ready to send the first money transfer. I'll give people a few days to make any last minute donations before sending the wire. As international wire transfers typically run $40 USD, I want to minimize the number of times this fee is paid so anyone wanting to donate money to Ays is encouraged to do so now.


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