Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Setting expectations

I have read a couple of comments for suggestions on how to use the money that while well meaning are well outside any expectations I have for this site. While Ays and the other Iraqi bloggers may have thousands or tens of thousands of people reading their blogs, only a small percentage will ever donate money. It is important we set realistic goals so those we are trying to support don't start making plans for something that is never going to materialize.

Realistically I'm thinking we'll raise between $25 and $50 each month per blogger. That should be enough to pay for their Internet access fees but not much else. Of course we'll raise much more during this initial kick off period but we shouldn't count on this rate continuing as the novelty wears off.

One thing that could bring in a large sum of money is a grant from a charitable foundation. If anyone knows how to gain funding from such an organization, please let us know.


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