Monday, December 22, 2003

How we plan to send the money to Iraq

This government website gives details on business conditions in Iraq. The document that best details options for transfer money can be found here.

The critical passages from the document are:

Can I wire money into Iraq?
Yes. Citibank in Amman offers a service that delivers cash to the doorstep of the beneficiary in Iraq (tel. 962 6 567 5100). Some U.S. Army personnel and foreign officials use the Export & Finance Bank in Amman, Jordan, which provides money transfer services in cooperation with Baghdad Bank (tel. 962 6 569 4250).

Visa International recently entered into an agreement with Rafidain Bank that will allow the bank to make electronic fund transfers among its branches throughout the country.

We are attempting to contact Mr. Arabiat @ Citicorp through his email and telephone numbers.

Another avenue we are pursuing is to find an Iraqi ISPs and arrange to directly pay for the bloggers Internet fees. We currently have emails out to journalist trying to find out how to contact Mr. Ahmed Abdul Karim who owns and operates an ISP in Baghdad. If anyon can assist in contacting this person or other IPS operators please leave a comment.

We are confident that one of these approaches will allow funds to be transferred into Iraq, but I can certainly understand if people want to wait until we have a proven method. On the other hand, having some money to transfer will certainly help get things started.


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