Tuesday, December 23, 2003

How an Iraqi Blogger can apply for financial assistances

Update: No longer accepting request from Iraqi bloggers.

To qualify an Iraqi blogger must meet the following criteria:
  • must be an Iraqi

  • must be living in Iraq

  • must not be a paid journalist

  • must have already started a blog

  • if the blogger is underage, they must have their parent's consent

Assuming the blogger can meet this criteria, the next step is to send an email to tvillars@gmail.com asking for support. The html for adding a PayPal donation button to their site will be then be sent. Any money collected directly from their site will be used 100% to support their blogging.

I don't intended to go around looking for Iraqi bloggers to support. I am counting on the people reading this blog to handle this. If you have a favorite Iraqi blogger then start up an email conversation letting them know what is possible.

There is also a PayPal button on this site. Any money collected here will be split among the various bloggers currently being supported. Since AYS is the only one who has given permission to begin collecting donations, he gets 100% of the donations from this site until the next blogger is added. Of course AYS (and any other blogger) will get 100% of the money donated directly from their site.

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